Disneyland Engagement Photography | Bonnie & Tim

This is the story of how I cut to the front of a 1-hour line for Space Mountain! Just kidding...well, kind of...keep reading!

I'm so excited to share this engagement session at Disneyland in Anaheim, California! My day with Bonnie and Tim was truly magical and full of fun! From starting our day with yummy Beauty and the Beast "gray stuff" (If you ever go to Disneyland, try it! It's delicious!), riding teacups, and carousels, balloons and bubbles, to Dole Whip it was all incredible!

My favorite moment, however, was at Space Mountain! Tim proposed to Bonnie on Space Mountain. Yes, on the actual ride! So, I wanted to go back to Space Mountain to recreate a proposal photo for them their. The staff at Space Mountain were happy to let us go up to where the line is to take photos with the iconic "space mountain sculpture" in the background. I suggested to Tim that he should get down on one knee and pretend to propose again for a photo. What we didn't know is that the ENTIRE space mountain ride was watching us and thought Tim was actually proposing. Cheers and applause erupted!!! 

After the "proposal", Tim was able to convince the staff that he and Bonnie would love to ride Space Mountain again with their wedding photographer. They happily escorted us to the front of the line! Bonnie and I then rode together on the front row of the ride!

After the engagement session, my little son, Eli and his babysitter of the day were able to join us all for a ride on the Jungle Cruise and more! So fun and memorable!

I'm so blessed to work with so many amazing couples just like Bonnie and Tim! Check out PART 2 of their engagement photos on the beach HERE!